About Melissa Rotert

Obligatory statistics: I am in my mid-thirties, married, and have one child; a wonderful daughter. I'm a Sagittarius. I am of average height and average weight, have brown hair and brown eyes, fair skin and freckles. The only thing about my appearance that is somewhat outside absolutely average in every way is my naturally curly hair, and I'm working hard on adding two striking silver streaks, one just above each ear. They're coming along famously. I live squarely in the middle West, own a century-old home, and have a large dog.

My vocational record is varied. I quit college when I couldn't decide between theater and biology. I went to work for a preschool and loved it. But not enough. After that, I worked for several years as a goldsmith's apprentice, and I loved that too. But not enough. Now, I work in an office, and that's managed to stick. Explain that.

I do the really interesting things in my off hours. I've performed in two rock and roll bands and recorded one album. My interest in theater extends to costuming, and I have gathered as many events as I could find that required playing dress-up. Yearly, I work at least one each of the following: ren faires, pirate festivals, zombiewalks and a local haunted house, and I'm still looking for more. This satisfies my (melo)dramatic flair, as well as getting my creative juices flowing over costume creation. I indulge in knitting, crochet, sewing, spinning, illustration, graphic design, paper crafts of various sorts, random crafty moments of self-teaching, etc. So that satisfies my creative side.

I also collect things. I'm compiling a needlework resource library that extends as far back as 1895 and touches every decade to present. This is a labor of love and book-shelf space. I collect antique books and enjoy harvesting graphic elements and typography samples. I love vintage and antique textiles, fashion and beauty, housewares, furniture styles... I think I simply love the visual styles presented by past eras, and I'm not picky about the era. I love reading science fiction and fantasy, watching horror movies, eating delicious food, but not so much preparing it, playing computer games, solving puzzles.