Clematis Terniflora

Clematis terniflora is an invasive clematis species from Japan. I’ve read a lot of reviews about this plant in recent months. It is “aggressive”. “Don’t plant this in your yard or it will take over.” It’s an invasive species and it’s… unpatriotic or something to plant it… I’ve battled a truly aggressive plant in my yard and flower bed ever since moving to this house. The lovely Star of Bethlehem will some day drive me insane. Of my experience with the Clematis terniflora, or the Sweet Autumn Clematis, however, I can only say this: It hasn’t taken over yet. It’s been here since before my occupancy of my home, and the first few year, I thought it was a weed and ruthlessly pulled it up, but I did not manage to kill it off. So I would say it is definitely hardy, but so far not aggressive at all.

Other things I know about this plant: It’s beautiful. The vines are attractively shaped, the leaves are a lovely color of rich green, the flowers are like a galaxy of stars that smell like heaven. In the sometimes bleak and chilly early autumn, it glows with the breath and beauty of spring. I adore it. Perhaps I am not frightened enough.

At the moment, my lovely clematis is going to seed, and I’ll be sharing. The seeds are in some ways one of the loveliest parts of this plant. The delicate shapes and colors delight me.


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