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Untitled I don’t actually make very much for myself. In fact, I believe the only two things I own that were crafted by my own hands are my Bedlam hat and the 2nd version of Ruth, and only because I was given it with my Oma passed away. But lately I’ve been going through a flurry of small projects for other people, in a sort of trade-commissions kind of way. Lots of fun stuff, and more to come.

Among the items so far created have been a LOT of crocheted hats. The owl hat pictured left is based on the Child’s Owl Hat by Elizabeth Trantham at Crochet in Color. I modified it to fit an adult and followed the pattern for the facial features. For the same person I also made an adult-sized Kitty hat based on another child’s pattern by Elizabeth Trantham. The final version of the hat has the nose moved up somewhat. Again I adjusted the pattern to fit an adult, and then I just winged the ovals for eyes and nose, made the ears bigger upon request and winged the bow as well. Both hats used Caron Simply Soft in various colors, although the yellow in the owl hat is Caron Natura because it was the closest thing to bright yellow I could find ANYwhere in Lincoln. A very simply crocheted cowl scarf in Lion Brand Hometown, a big beret in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted, from a free Garnstudio pattern, a slouchy hat in an unidentified wool tweed, using a pattern by Adriana Veleda, (although mine didn’t turn out very slouchy), plus numerous coasters and hot-cup sleeves round out the recent finished projects. Currently planned are a couple more Garnstudio hats, but knitted this time, and a big-eared bunny hat/scarf.

UntitledIn addition to the kilt hose about which I posted last week, this week I also made a gift for Kit’s violin teacher, Miss Jentry. She had a baby in July; a little girl named Penny, for whom I knitted a little jacket. That’s somehow become my thing. Babies get books and a hand-knit jacket from me. For Penny I chose a vintage cotton by Conshohocken. Its soft and similar to Bernat’s Cottontots in texture, and a lovely purple that is both bright and soft. I chose a modified version of this vintage pattern, which has a round yoke with a sort of knitted popcorn effect. The yarn knitted at gauge on size 9′s, and the resulting fabric is exceptionally soft and flexible. I will give the sweater to Miss Jentry at Kit’s lesson next Wednesday.


Sunday’s Child: Babykins

A Jacket and Bonnet for Babykins is the next little vintage pattern PDF available from I love this little jacket, it’s so pretty. I think I’d like to make one that fit me! I wonder if I could get a me-sized gauge by just changing to a yarn instead of a thread. Hmmm. How heavy would I have to go to make it me-sized, and would it be ucky then? Anyway, if you’d prefer not to do the math, you can still make it for a baby. :D