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Wednesday’s Child: Happy October!

It is finally October! We here at are looking forward to the season opener of Eagle Hollow Haunts this Friday, October 4th. Costuming is nearly finished, and I get to act while the season runs, which is something I love to do. I’ve been so busy the last week with last-minute preparations I really have nothing else to talk about. So I’ll simply leave you with this pastel drawing of a demon dog I once saw (and photographed) at a thrift store. I do not know its history, and I don’t think I want to. I can’t tell if it’s wearing a cape or not. All I know is, it was crazy-creepy enough to take a picture, but WAY too crazy-creepy to bring home with me. Enjoy!


Last week I showed you how I started making a straight jacket out of a martial arts uniform. I finished up the project by adding sleeve-caps and straps that allow the actor to have their hands free and available while looking like they are tied into a straight jacket. The results:




I have a huge collection of vintage and antique postcards. I love the look and feel of late-Victorian and Edwardian-era cards, especially those with holiday themes. I also love an irreverent sense of humor and a hint of gore. Perhaps that’s why, while developing a new feature for the Lincoln ZombieFest website, I pulled out my postcards, flipped through them aiming for specific holiday themes and dates that put the cards well inside the public domain, and then got funky with Photoshop. The result was zombie eCards for your one true love.


Wednesday’s Child: Arteries

Wednesdays give us the opportunity to step over to the darker side of cool. As we’re still in the beginning of this venture, and I’m still collecting my resources and planning posts, I’m going to take the easy way out on this one today. Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to embroider the circulatory system? Ah, yes, I knew this would be a popular choice. Because I collect antique books, but don’t really have a ton of money to spend on them, I troll thrift stores, garage sales and the free book box at my favorite local used book store, A Novel Idea. I’ll buy very old books, even in fairly poor condition, because I can still utilize them, even if I can’t read them. Currently, my oldest book is from 1880, and is a German-language translation of a popular 19th century home medicine book. It is a wealth of graphics. Amongst them is this diagram of the arteries, seen at right. You can download a PDF containing the graphic at 10.5″ high right here and I’ll be uploading a high resolution, transparent-background copy very soon. Enjoy!