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The Hero of Canton

Here it is, ‘my’ Cunning Jayne hat. Although, it is not mine, as it was made for Mark. Happy Halloween, Mark! Enjoy!

Cunning Jayne

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Orange You Glad, LemonDrop and Prairie Fire
Needles: Size 13 circulars
Time: Started the evening of September 21, 2009, completed the afternoon of September 23, 2009. But a total of maybe 3 hours of solid work.
Notes: It’s a lovely, easy pattern, although I was discouraged with my inability to find a true replica of the yarn used. I wound up using mostly what the pattern called for, but would have been much happier if I’d been able to find a bulky or a worsted in the same tones of heathered orange and yellow as the original is obviously made from. They just weren’t around, though. Not that I could get my hands on, anyway. Still, it was a fun knit, and turned out well, I think.


Crafting? What?

Yes, originally, Shknitzel was a crafting blog. I haven’t posted about crafting in a long while now, but the plan was to incorporate Shknitzel into this blog, and that means crafts. So.

This weekend, I finally finished my first sock! (See Jaywalkers 2.0) Ok, yes, it’s only the one sock. (Pics to follow) But I really enjoyed making it. However, now is the time to get started on stuff for other people, not myself.

Project #1 in the works is a Jayne Cobb hat for Alison’s hubby Mark. Alison approached me with “Mark and I are going as Kaylee and Jane from Firefly for Halloween, and Mark seriously needs a funky knitted hat…If someone could make it, it would look way cooler…” My reply: Um, yes, I already have the pattern for Jayne’s hat bookmarked around here somewhere. Yes, I’m a knitting geek. So, a trip to the yarn store today netted me the materials for the Cunning Jayne hat.


Not very much time in the future, I should have this bad boy (along with a secret special early Christmas gift) winging its way to Canada for Halloween, to keep a very special geek’s noggin warm.

Following that, we begin on Christmas gifts. The only one I have well-planned at this point is a pair of kilt hose for Nick. He already knows this, so I can say it out loud. It’s one of those no-surprises gifts, so that I can be absolutely sure he gets something he likes, and that fits him!

Other than that, the yarn will have to speak to me. I have some ideas flitting around, but I have to get organized. More knitting, less smoking, that’s the only way I’ll get everything done.