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Update, Schmuptdate

So, I have a number of craft projects to post about, but for the sake of my own organizational sanity, I’ll give them each their own post. But in the meanwhile, a few notes on random stuff.

Some time ago, my sister recommended to me an artist named Neko Case. Armed with this name, I created a Pandora station and was delighted with the fact that one of my old-school favorites, Mazzy Star, came up on said station. (*giddy*) Further down the playlist was another song that I thought was really beautiful, and I excitedly told my sister about The Wailin’ Jennys. (Too which my sister responded, and I had to guiltily admit she was correct, “Yeah, I told you about the Wailin’ Jennys over a year ago. You should really listen to me about music.” Yes, sister, I should.) So, if you’re in the mood, check out some of my personal favorites:

By Neko Case, Dirty Knife and This Tornado Loves You, Starlight and Long Time Traveller by The Wailin’ Jennys, the previously mentioned What Can I Say by Brandi Carlile, an OLD favorite, Fade Into You by Mazzy Star, and last but not least, Genius Next Door by Regina Spektor.

I have been working on a web project, soon to be unveiled, and for this project I got creative with scanned stuff around my house for the graphics. As I looked around my house, I realized what a wealth of textures and images there were, really. That turned out to include some rather amazing Victorian-era graphics, which I have been slowly working on scanning, cleaning up, and making available. These include images from an 1880′s German-language medical book and a little Spanish geography-for-kids book. Also, I’ve been scanning vintage and antique paper and other items for textural backgrounds and such.

Besides the crafts and a few antique books, I haven’t much else going on. Not that all that isn’t enough.


Time, Time, Ticking on Me

Today on Pandora I heard a song by Brandi Carlile called What Can I Say, and hence the title of this post.

Yesterday afternoon my husband and daughter, Sister-in-Law, niece, and nephew left for Indianapolis for the long weekend. Originally, I was going on this trip. A series of circumstances beyond anyone’s control contrived to keep me home. As far as the trip goes, this was a bit of a disappointment, but I did so cheerfully because it meant everyone else could go. So it isn’t that I am especially upset about not being able to go. And last week I was even looking forward to having the house all to myself, so that I could accomplish several large projects that are better done without husbands and children under foot.

But today, when I woke up to a wigged-out dog, missing her lord and master, and also her young charge (I am really fairly superfluous in Mina’s scheme of things, I think), and the house was grimly quiet, well, I realized I would be alone. All weekend. I am not, by nature, a solitary person. I do seek out isolation at times, to ground myself, but for the most part I am not only naturally social, but also simply not used to being alone. Last night was the first time I have EVER slept alone in my house, and we’ve lived there for 8 years. I have slept alone away from my house, but seldom, and I was in the company of other people, if not sharing a bed with them. Before then, I had roommates, or husbands, or family. For 6 months or so, when I was 19, I had an apartment by myself, and I actually spent very little time there. I was always with other people.

So this is a unique experience for me, really. I feel like maybe I am a failure as an independent woman. I generally think of myself as self-reliant, but is that word meaningless when one has trouble being alone for a few days in one go? I don’t really think I’m dependent on my husband, on my family, but I certainly have to own that I simply do not like being alone.