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Most readers will know by now of my love of vintage patterns, and the magazines that published them. I already owned a couple dozen old Workbasket magazines from the late 50′s and early 60′s. Today during a trip to the thrift store I got my grubby paws on another couple of dozen, this time from the mid 60′s to late 70′s. Awesome. Not quite as awesome as the older ones, but awesome none the less.


25 Workbasket magazines, to be exact. And I’ve already found a project I adore. (You’ll probably want to picture it in a different color.)

Owl Snowsuit

That’s right, this little toddler set is just full of cool stuff. A two piece set with matching mittens, a pixie-shaped hoodie, and last but not least, OWLS. Owls. Love.


Cold, Cold Crafting

So, this weekend is the Midlands Pirate Festival at the Bellevue Pumpkin Ranch. Saturday night is the Lincoln Zombie Walk. Last year, we had a great time with both of these outdoor events. This year, it is supposed snow and the high is mid 30′s. It will be a coooold pirate fest, and a colder zombie walk. Cory and Kit probaby won’t even attend the pirate festival, and the zombie walk hinges entirely on the weater at this point.

However, I am committed to helping my friend run her booth at the festival, so I’ve had to do some quick thinking about how to turn my pirate garb from summer to winter, and fast. The current plan: A skirt, possibly two. I am hoping to have time to make a pair of woolen bloomers or breeches to wear underneath. Kneehigh stockings or sock-weight tights and boots. For a blouse, I really don’t know yet. I have no bodices that really fit at the moment, so I’m going with a sash this year. I’m hoping to get a dreadlock hat made of felted wool, since it will be both piratey and warm. And to top it all off, a bucaneer coat.

And here’s where it gets crafty. The coat will be the one pictured below, repurposed.

Great Coat to Pirate Coat

This is an old German military greatcoat that has seen better days. It’s a sort of heathered black/green wool felt, very heavy. The lapels fold back on themselves and button like a good, old fashioned pirate coat should.

My alterations will include the following:
Cutting it shorter and rehemming.
Relining from the waist down.
Relining and reshaping the collar.
Altering the side-back seams so it is a more shapley cut.
Repositioning the belt thing in back to accentuate the new shape.
Adding pleats below the new seam line to give the back more flounce.
Using the material cut from the bottom to fashion giant cuffs.
Adding a LOT more buttons.

I got started on it last night, and have some better before pictures that I’ll post with the finished project. I’ve gotten it cut down, got the back seams redone, and got stuck because I couldn’t find black thread. I’ll be picking up some of that, plus some lining material tonight, although I’m torn on whether to go with black or try to find some to pick out the green, but I think the rest of the work on it should go VERY quickly.

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