About Lothruin.com

Lothruin is a Quenya (that's the language of the elves in Middle Earth,) word that means Red-flame Flower. Once upon a time, there was a MUSH (old-school, text-based online RPG) called Elendil, and I created a red-headed elf character for this game. The name followed me from site to site, mostly because it was unique. No one already had that username anywhere, so I used it everywhere. Eventually, it was so much a part of me that I answered to Loth reflexively, and I'd managed to create my own brand without realizing I was doing it. I bought up the domain name, not knowing what I'd ever use it for, but simply wanting to own it all for my own self.

Since then, this website has dabbled in many things but excelled at none. In a concerted effort to consolidate my forces, I've finally decided to try to make something of it. Before, I was trying to post knitting patterns in one place, vintage things in another place, selling things in a third place, giving things away for free yet elsewhere, and none of it happened on Lothruin.com... what a mess, and so much with which to keep up. If I am eclectic I know I'm not the only one, so no more divided effort.

When I was little, my mother had a book called The Annotated Mother Goose. My sister and I were fascinated with the history and analysis of fairy tails and nursery rhymes. One of my favorites for whimsy and history was Monday's Child. I've developed my blog around this theme.

  • Monday's child is fair of face, and Monday's posts will be devoted to personal beauty and fashion.
  • Tuesday's child is full of grace. Graceful living will be our focus on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday's child is full of woe, so Wednesdays we'll take a stroll on the darker side.
  • Thursday's child has far to go. I am a Thursday's Child, so Thursday will be devoted to personal blogging.
  • Friday's child is loving and giving, so pop in every Friday for free patterns, instructions and clip-art.
  • Saturday's child works hard for a living. Don't we all. Frugality and thrifty sensibilities are Saturday's focus.
  • And the child that was born on the Sabbath Day is bonny and blithe and good and gay. We'll take Sundays to focus on happy children.