The Lothruin Family of Websites!

Yes, folks, a whole family of them. Because a person can never have too many websites. Below is a selection of websites designed and (not always efficiently) managed by moi. I call them the Lothruin family of websites because it makes me feel special. So don't spoil my fun!

Chimera Studios is my husband's photography business, located in Studioville on N 48th St in Lincoln, NE. In addition to the site structure, I also designed the logo.

The Lincoln ZombieFest is a two-day event surrounding the annual Lincoln Zombie Walk. I've been involved with the event for two years now, and looking forward to a third. Once again, all the graphics for the site were created from the ground up, with the exception of the splats and drips, which are the product of a fantastic free font.

Lambchops for Pups is an Etsy store selling pet accessories made from reclaimed wool. While I obviously do not have anything to do with the web structure for the Etsy shop, I did design the logo and all the relevant graphics.

The Grid is one of the individual haunts at Eagle Hollow Haunts. The design for the subsite was graphics intensive, with every element created by hand from the ground up. When I sent the fabricated ruled notebook pages to my sister and asked her what she thought she asked me why I had scanned blank paper and sent it to her.

Eagle Hollow Haunts is a haunted attraction open during October at the Eagle Raceway East of Lincoln, NE. In addition to designing and maintaining their main website, I was also charged with designing individual websites for each of their three separate haunts, in order to give patrons a more immersive total experience.